Terry Daniele

For Monroe County Legislator District 5

Working to create a government for all, not the few.

I will be present, visible and available, always. 

I feel one of the most important parts of running for office is to be present, visible, and available to the people you serve! All too often politicians make themselves visible only when they are seeking re-election. 

I live in Mendon, NY and am proud to call it my home. After co-owning two successful small businesses in Monroe County, raising two children to adulthood, and finding happiness in marriage, I realize that I am incredibly fortunate. It wasn’t always so. My family struggled growing up. There were even times where we leaned on our community and government for support. Growing up there were times when I relied on some of the very services that are in danger of being cut each budget season—we need to fully staff and fund Child Protective Services.

We also need to be fiscally disciplined and strategic in our long-term thinking. As it is now, there’s far too little transparency in our budget process and accountability for the dollars that go to the County Office Building. Instead of putting money towards pet projects and filling out government jobs with loyal party members, we should be looking ahead to what we want for Monroe County in twenty, thirty, fifty years. We need to invest in cleaner energy sources—such as wind/solar—and make Monroe County a hub of innovation. With strategic investment can come good-paying jobs and we can all call our children about the opportunities that are right here for them.

I will lead by actions, not by words.

I’ve laid out the issues & values I stand for and the actions I plan to take in the toggles below, because I value people above politics and I know that you deserve transparency. If you have any questions or want to share your ideas for Monroe County you can reach out to me here.

Address the Opioid Crisis:

I will pursue the increased use of rehabilitation and work to make more facilities available.  I will work with law enforcement, to use rehabilitation and drug courts, not incarceration, saving tax money. I will work with health care providers to reduce the overuse of prescription drugs. 

Transparency and Responsive Budgeting:

You need to know that your county government can be counted on; to follow through on promises, so they are not just words, to spend tax dollars wisely, and not to accommodate friends and donors.

You need to know where your taxpayer dollars are spent. Monroe County is not open regarding this issue.  I will work to make it clear where your money is spent.  I will encourage taxpayer input and address the concerns raised.

I will insist on using generally accepted accounting practices for county financial reports.  Recent audits have faulted current county methods.

Stimulate Local Businesses:

I will help by using our location in the Finger Lakes/ Great Lakes area, our superior education system, and good housing stock to entice businesses to locate here.

I will work to use our tax incentives, like PILOT programs, more wisely, and to make sure the conditions of those programs are satisfied.

Secure Our Future: (energy, food, technology)

I will work to encourage the use of clean sustainable energy and thoughtful placement of installations.

I will support our local farmers and maintain green space. 

I will work with our local colleges and businesses to create new jobs through technology and make sure those jobs remain in Monroe County.

Invest In Safety & Education Of Our Youth:

I will make sure that our Early Intervention Programs and Child Protective Services are fully funded and staffed. The current policy of talk with no action clearly does not work.

I will work on reversing the current policy depriving retired sheriff’s employees of promised retirement benefits.  The current policy of reneging on retirement promises makes recruitment of law enforcement employees more difficult.

The Leadership Our County Needs 

About Terry

My name is Terry Daniele I am running to become your Monroe County Legislator.  As I embark on my candidacy, I look forward to meeting and chatting with the people that make our community a community.  In order to let you know my vision at the County level, my plan is to knock on every door and introduce myself to you personally.

Every day I go to work and see how lucky I am. I work as a sign language interpreter and in my clients I see resilience, an independent streak, and a group of folks who draw strength from the power of their community. It’s time that we all came to feel the same way about our representative to the county legislature. It’s time to give voice to what we want—transparency, visibility, and accountability. I’m Terry Daniele, and I can’t wait to meet you.

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